Halohandbook P1
Copyright, Mike Dyall-Smith, 1998-2009.
Version 7.2, 2009.144 pages, including contents, phylogenetic tree, and pictures.

New in 2009 is a slightly updated version (ver.7.2), with improvements to the cultivation of square haloarchaea (DBM2 medium). The Halohandbook is a 143-page booklet I use every day in the laboratory. It is a collection of methods for the culture, handling and genetic manipulation of haloarchaea and haloviruses. It is based on years of experience; mine and that of other halophile labs around the world. The contributers are listed on the front page, and the list gets longer with each edition. Provide a tip or method and join the list!

Use of the handbook is free to research labs but must not be sold, copied into other books/websites or otherwise used for commercial purposes. Download, print it (on both sides of paper please), and bind it for your lab!

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